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March 17th, 2023: Chinemerem receives first place award for "Best Poster Presentation" at the ASM Missouri Valley Conference. Congratulations, Chineme!

March, 2023: Prabhu receives the "Heart Research Award" from the John Cancer Research Center for his pneumonic sepsis project. Congratulations, Prabhu! 


January 14th, 2023: Chinemerem, Prabhu, Michael, and Sandeep present their research at the Kansas-IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence Symposium in Overland Park, KS


September, 2023: Baral Lab receives the "Enders Family Expansion Award" for the lung cancer research

September 13th, 2022: Chineme presents his research at the JCRC Data Blitz Conference at Kansas State

May 13th, 2022: Allison and Jared finish their undergraduate degrees from Kansas State. Congratulations to our new alumni!

April 21st, 2022: Michael Presents his research at the OURCI K-State Undergrad Research Symposium

April 14th, 2022: Michael presents his research at the Division of Biology Undergraduate Research Forum at Kansas State

January 31st, 2022: Pankaj becomes the newest associate member of the Johnson Cancer Research Center (JCRC)

October 7, 2021: Pankaj gave a talk to Department of Microbiology, molecular genetics and immunology, KUMC

August, 2021: Sandeep Adhikari and Prabhu Joshi (Milan) joined our lab for their PhD. Welcome aboard, Sandeep and Milan

July 23rd, 2021: Today is a sad day as we must say goodbye to Kristin Moore as her internship with us is over. Kristin will continue to do wonderful things at Langston University!

June, 2021: Our lab is awarded with K-INBRRE Developmental Research Project Award for our work on neuroimmune interactions during respiratory infection. June 1st 2021: Today we welcome Kristin Moore into the lab. She'll be working with us the rest of this summer!


May 26th 2021: We've started our first RAW cell culture!

January 25th 2021: We welcome our newest member of the lab, Michael Bartkoski


January 19th 2021: We welcome our newest member of the lab, Chinemerem Onah.


December 2020: We welcome our second member of the

lab, Jared Long.


October 2020: Allison Moore is the first member of the lab.

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